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Coming Soon…

Something big is on the horizon…

This isn’t the same Gin Rummy Super. The rules may be the same but this game has changed.

Look out for a new experience, a new reason to play, and a new playground to battle players from around the world. A social experience like no other, the new Gin Rummy Super will change the social card game platform forever.

Exciting game modes that change how you play with friends and rivals. So many ways to level up, loads more prizes, and the most unique ways to grow your bank! More ways to win and more ways to engage with players on a massively global scale.

So keep your eyes and ears open for everything Zarzilla – We’re going to be dropping this beauty real soon!!

The Evolution of Casino Games on your Phone

How technology puts the social back in casino games.

The evolution of the powerful tool that each one of us now has in our pockets, the mobile phone, is quite the story. The origin of the mobile phone can be traced back to radio communication between ships and land, which later morphed into a device the size of a suitcase. In 1973 developers at Motorola showed off the first truly mobile phone. It weighed in at a whopping 2 kilos and would set you back almost $4,000. However, over the past 40 years, the mobile device has become an inseparable part of every one of us, while becoming pocket-sized and extremely powerful.

Games started to appear on phones in 1994 with the ever-popular Tetris. Nokia then introduced the world to “Snake” in the late 1990s and a cultural icon was born! As phones became more powerful, the game offerings became more amazing, more brilliant, and more enjoyable. These days every single game in every single variant is available to anyone, downloadable in seconds with only the click of the button, from anywhere they may be. This created an entire industry in a very short amount of time and left a lot of room to reinvent and re-imagine the classic games that have been played for 100’s of years in gambling halls throughout the world.

“Over the past 40 years, the mobile device has become an inseparable part of every one of us.”

Early versions of mobile casino games had the player competing against the computer, with a very flat experience, and simplistic visuals. These games were built for a single player, although to play and compete together, players would have to play their turn and pass the phone to each other. The issue with these games was that they were taking social games, and turning them into anti-social experiences. Thankfully as phones became more powerful, designers started to add new elements to the games, such as; improved graphics, quicker speeds, more intelligent computers to play against, tournaments, and in-game prizes.

Almost overnight any card game imaginable became available at the tip of everyone’s fingers. The games themselves became immersive, as all of a sudden you were able to play against other real people, no matter where they are in the world. What used to demand multiple people sitting together in one room, has morphed into random people playing against each other whilst in different parts of the world! Just like that, the social element reappeared and created a completely different and new experience! Imagine all of a sudden being able to play against people you cannot see, giving you a whole new experience every time you play, and the ability to make new friends all the time!

Developers continue to bend the ways in which we interact and take part in social experiences by allowing us to connect to others whenever we feel the need. It’s so easy to find other people to play age-old games with, such as Jacks or Better, Poker, Bridge, Gin Rummy, and more! Players can now chat with each other, buy online ‘gifts’, and share their skills and scores across multiple social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With new mini-games, fun animations, exciting tournaments, and other fantastic elements, these games have left the table and become a part of our lives — whenever we have a few minutes to play!

What used to demand a trip to a casino town, can now take place anytime and anywhere. All you need is to download your favourite game and start playing. With millions of users throughout the world, playing thousands of mobile games, there is no shortage of fun to be had!

The Bright Future of Mobile Gaming

The future of gaming is in the palm of your hand. Mobile gaming trends reveal a bright future!

“Mobile gaming will and must transcend the mere device screen and will integrate into our lives”

Mobile gaming has seen exponential growth over the last decade and an increase in mobile phone hardware has seen the rise of high-quality mobile gaming. Several trends have emerged that reveal how bright the future of mobile gaming will be. Read on to see how mobile gaming is quite possibly the future of the gaming industry!

AR Gaming

Augmented reality has been a dream for gamers since the dawn of time. Since the very first pixelated game, gamers have desired a fully immersive experience that blends fiction with reality. Enter AR gaming and the virtual integrates with the real world. Gamers want immersion and AR provides this by the truckload!

AR games are typically represented as a virtual reality where game elements are superimposed into the real environment depicted through your device’s camera. Some AR games make extensive use of real-world elements to build a virtual environment. Just look to Pokémon GO or the string of “Laser Tag” styled games such as Reality Clash. Mobile gaming will and must transcend the mere device screen and will integrate into our lives.

“91% of the 4.5 billion global internet users use mobile devices… While the global gaming market is estimated at a whopping $152 billion with 45% of the market coming from mobile gaming”

AAA Quality


Major console titles have found a home on mobile devices in recent years. We’ve already seen immense success from Epic Games’ Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile. Two huge console titles are made into two incredibly high-quality mobile games with console playability, visuals, and player base. Mobile hardware has made significant leaps and bounds over the years and developers are taking advantage by pushing the limitations of mobile devices to create experiences on par with console games.

Major gaming titles and non-gaming brands alike have also used mobile gaming to promote and grow their fanbase. British heavy metal rockers Iron Maiden connected with Nodding Frog Ltd to develop and produce Legacy of the Beast, an incredibly high-quality turn-based RPG. CD Project brought GWENT, a popular mini-game within their Witcher franchise, to the mobile screen with all the quality the reputable developer is known for. We are only going to see mobile titles get better and the recent success seen from AAA developers is a sign of great things to come.

Cross-Platform Gaming

Mobile gaming won’t replace console gaming and nor should it. The future will be the blending of these great platforms — Imagine a gaming experience in which players can seamlessly switch and integrate between the two. We’ve seen it already in companion apps.

Remember Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs ctOS mobile that put “Chicago in the palm of your hand”. The app allowed a person to connect to anyone playing Watch Dogs and take control of the city in which they were playing in. How could anyone forget Bethesda’s Pip-Boy companion app that perfectly integrated your mobile device into your Fallout 4 game, giving you access to maps, inventory, and mini-games? The future will see further integration of mobile devices and console titles and quite possibly we will see mobile players competing against console players at the same time.

Final Thoughts

The mobile market continues to show a strong dominance with 91% of the 4.5 billion global internet users utilizing mobile devices to access the internet. The global gaming market is estimated at a whopping $152 billion with 45% of the market coming from mobile gaming. The mobile market cannot be denied and the increasing development of mobile device hardware will only drive further growth of the mobile gaming market.

How Mobile Phone Games Define Us?

You are what you play! What mobile games say about you.

“Merely a phone no longer, smartphones have become ‘personal life devices’, with most of the world unable to live without access to one”

Every story has a beginning… but where did the mobile games you’ve come to know and love start? The earliest models of mobile phones were only numeric and were not capable of hosting games. Other than spelling funny words with the numbers, the phone was exactly that — a phone.

While games did appear in some earlier models of phones, the mobile phone game genre only gained traction with the launch of ‘Snake’, which appeared on the Nokia 6600 in 1997. This game is one of the most well-known games in the world, that is still being played today and has become somewhat of a cultural icon. To have a Nokia phone and to be a Snake player was a status symbol among high-schoolers in this era. Owning an old Nokia with the original Snake game today is a badge of honour amongst nostalgic hipsters the world over.

Together with Tetris and a few other games that were available at the time, such as Solitaire or Dice, mobile games were built-in to the first generation of mobile phones. These games were extremely enjoyable but grew stagnant. The mobile game needed to progress along with the phones that they were being offered on.

“The Future of games is connected to our reality…”

Age of the Internet

The next generation of mobile phones enabled WAP (wireless application protocol) that allowed the phone to connect to the internet. The introduction of the internet raised the stakes in the mobile industry. Now that the phones were connected to the internet, the game could be hosted on a server, allowing for multiple players and for more games to be offered. The ability for users to take part in multiplayer games took pocket gaming to the next level.

As the years progressed from 2000 and on, the screens became brighter, the processing and internet speed grew in leaps and bounds, while the games that were offered became more and more complex and enjoyable. Progressing from simplistic 2D games where you need to move a pixelated snake around a screen, the mobile game industry could now produce role-playing games, adventure games, and classics, such as cards, bowling, and even snowboarding. There was one issue though, the phones were still black and white…OK well more greenish or maybe bluish but nobody could predict the truly awe-inspiring level of development to come.

I Can’t Live Without My Phone

From around 2006 onwards, mobile phones completely changed their entire purpose. Merely a phone no longer, smartphones have become ‘personal life devices’, with most of the world unable to live without access to one. With the introduction of the iPhone, Android operating system, and touch screens, there were no more limits to what these amazing devices could do.

Phones have become so powerful, their screens so vibrant, and the internet so fast, that anything that someone would want on their phone, could be there within minutes, if not seconds! All of a sudden, we defined ourselves by our online presence, by the phone we own, and of course by the games we play.

“Couple information with an online persona, and a very clear picture of their personality will emerge.”

Mobile game developers took all of this in and have created an entire industry that provides entertainment to millions of people around the globe. Up until 2006, for complete entertainment, users needed to have an MP3 device, a phone, and a book to read. However today, this one device can be anything that its user needs it to be, and the offerings are so enormous. App stores have 1000’s of new games and apps uploaded each day! With each passing day a new game company is created, new games appear on users’ phones, and our gaming dreams are made a reality through 24/7 content.

Learn What They Play and You’ll Learn Who They Are

The games we have on our phones define who we are as people. Ask any person what games or apps they have downloaded and you will understand what entertains them. Couple this info with an online persona, and a very clear picture of their personality will emerge. In this day and age, mobile phone users have access to ideas, entertainment, and a plethora of information that was never available before, as access did not exist.

The future of games is connected to our reality, as we’ve already seen in the global phenomenon that was Pokémon Go, that brought virtual reality into the real world. What we consider amazing now, will be old school and dull in only 5 years. Game developers are scrambling to figure out what the next big thing in gaming will be, and the first to that mark will dominate gaming, if only for a short time.

Mobile phone games have become such an integral part of us, that it will not be surprising if the next level of gaming will turn our lives into one big game for us all to play.


What is Social Casino?

You’ve heard of social gaming and you’ve heard of a casino. But something truly magical happens when you combine the two. This is Social Casino!

When most people think of the word casino their thoughts probably go straight to a scene from Ocean’s 11, the Hangover, 21, or any number of films that depict the glitz and glamour of the entertainment capital of the world. As modern technology developed so did the means to access our favourite casino games.

What is Social Casino

A social casino is an online platform in which players can play their popular casino card games like Black Jack, Poker, Roulette, and Slot Machines. The focus is on the social components with players being able to interact with each other, post their big wins, compete in exciting tournaments, and challenge their friends.

Free to play and accessed from anywhere in the world”

Bringing the Casino to YOU

Remember when the only way to play poker was either in the dingy back room of a pub or by dressing up and hitting a land-based casino — usually miles away and you needed to make a weekend of it! Neither do I because the internet and mobile devices have given us access to our favourite casino games for years. Social casino apps can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices, at the touch of a button.

“You don’t have to spend money to experience the excitement of a Vegas casino.”

Social casino apps are free to play and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The casino is brought directly to you. This is fantastic for those living in countries where gambling has been regulated or outlawed to the point that it is difficult to enjoy a simple game of Texas Hold’em. You can sit at a table whilst on the train, in a boring meeting (We don’t necessarily recommend that!) or while enjoying the outdoors.

Play Risk-Free and Have Fun

Social is the name of the game with these casinos. There is absolutely zero real money gambling in a social casino — The betting is for fun and is all about creating an exciting experience akin to being a high roller in the city of sin. Players can jump into a game with zero experience, experimenting with the hands they are dealt with and learning as they go.

There is no risk to your wallet so, one can hone their skills without fear. Play with friends, compete against rivals, engage with real people from around the world through in-game chat and gifting, and above all enjoy casino games together.

Join in the FUN

Social casinos are the safest way to play free casino games that you love. Play for free with millions of players from around the world and engage in a community that play purely for fun and social activity. You don’t have to spend money to experience the excitement of a Vegas casino. Just log into your favourite social casino and join in the fun!

Facebook Gameroom

Now there is even more ways to have monstrous fun with Zarzilla! Gin Rummy Super and Casinozilla are now proudly available to play in the Facebook Gameroom. Playing your favourite card games couldn’t be easier or faster. Finished scrolling through your feed and posting the perfect picture from your weekend out with friends? Fantastic! Now you can jump right into a game of rummy or 5 poker, all within your internet browser.

Play Gin Rummy Super and Casinozilla on Facebook today and share with your friends for a free 50,000-coin reward!

Hidden gems: top card games to play

 Play Gin Rummy Super by Zarzilla Games and enjoy the best rummy card game online experience on Android. Super Gin Rummy features a Free Multiplayer gameplay, leaderboards, daily gifts and much more! Click here

Jacks or Better Full Release on January 8th!

To everyone who has downloaded and already enjoyed our game of Jacks or Better....on January 8th you will have the full version of the game for your enjoyment!

We thank all who downloaded and gave us their feedback.... We will continue to bring you great entertainment and amazing games!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!

Zarzilla Games wishes all its friends and fans a happy and healthy holiday season! 2019 is going to be epic! Share us with your friends! Give us a like where we need it most...

See you in 2019 with enough entertainment and adventure to keep you busy.

Get ready for the rollout of 'Megawheel'!

Zarzilla Megawheel, also know as the Big 6 wheel, or Big Wheel is a casino favorite the world over! The game is easy to play, quick, and very fun! The makeup of the game is a large wheel, with 52 subsections divided into numbers and other symbols, much like the game of roulette.. Bets are placed by the players, the vertically positioned wheel is spun. When the spin is completed and the wheel has stopped on a symbol, all losing bets are collected by the dealer and all winning bets are paid out. A new round will then begin again with players once again placing bets.

Zarzilla brings all this fun straight to your pocket! With great graphics, enormous payouts and awesome bonuses and extras, you are sure to enjoy this casino classic... right from your pocket.

Full Feature Beta Release of Jacks or Better!

Zarzilla Games is proud to announce that it has released it first full feature game, the popular title “Jacks or Better’, which also happens to be the most popular variant of video poker! As lovers of card games and casino favorites, we realized that some of the best games out there are not getting the treatment they deserve!

While there are 100's of variations of poker in the app stores, there is a big hole when it comes to games like Jacks or Better, as well as some of the other big casino games! This is where Zarzilla Games has decided to step in.


The Jacks or Better game is now available for download, and anyone who wants to give it a try, is more than welcome. Just follow the link in this article, and be sure to give us feedback! Many more games are expected to be released and we want YOU to be on the ground floor of each and every one of them!


We made sure to put in the best graphics, best interface, leading to a great UX (User experience). We pride ourselves on keeping it interesting, so each level has its own little toys, whether it may be larger wagers, ‘better’ cities, bigger payouts etc.

Become a part of our beta testing team! Join Zarzilla markets and receive bonus rewards when our games are released! The best thing is that you dont need to do anything… except try the beta version and let us know what you think!

Jacks or Better is on its way to launch!

After a few holdups, the release of Jacks or Better is almost upon us! Working on the game has been great enjoyment for the entire team and we hope that you will enjoy!

Check back soon for the download link and don't forget to share us with your friends!

Updating and animating 'Jack or Better'

Our developers have been working very hard to create the best game experience possible! We have reached the animation stage, where every popup and every screen has elements that should keep everygamer interested. The key to a good game is not only the game itself. Its the EXPERIENCE! Let us know if you have any ideas. We always love to hear from our users and fans! Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest Facebook. Just look for Zarzilla Games.


While brainstorming, our developers started sketching ideas for mini-games...those 5 minutes where you can break your concentration and just have a good time.

What can you do with a bird, some dots... and WILD imaginations??


Just wait and see what we did.

They may be small but they pack in tons of Zarzilla fun.

We stand WITH the dragon!

No matter where you come from in the world, virtually all societies, dating back thousands of years, have believed in mythical creatures called dragons!

With the high intelligence and ability to do magical fly or breathe fire...

At Zarzilla we incorporate the magic of dragons into everything we do. We like to think...what can make this MORE AMAZING?? and then we build.

We hope you enjoy all what Zarzilla has to offer! 



We believe in playing games!

When designing games, we put alot of though into how it will be enjoyed. Will having popups and ads every few turns lead to user ecstasy? NOPE!

We do offer to watch ads for chips, but we dont want to force you to fill your time with commercials. That is not why you are playing! 

With great pricing on chips, and many ways to win FREE chips, Zarzilla makes sure thta YOU are having fun whenever you cruise into our world!

Big Things Are Coming!

After four long months of strenuous thought, design and programming... Zarzilla Games is proud to announce that this November, Jacks or Better, our first mobile based game, will be making its appearance in the Apple and Google App Stores! The game has great design elements and turns this video poker favorite, into a great time for all!

We hope that stay updated on our progress and are sure you will be come a Zarzillard!