Which Gamer Are You? | The Four Mobile Gamer Types
“Most gamers fall into one of these categories but maybe you are a new hybrid!”

No two gamer is built the same. However, we certainly have a type. Gamers can generally be categorised into four distinct categories that identify how they play mobile games. Knowing and understanding these four categories can certainly go a long way to knowing who is going to play a particular mobile game and why.  

For all you indie developers and gamers out there – which gamer are you?

Casual Gamer

Most of us will fall into this category. Gamers that don’t live and breathe games and are not really fussed about genre. These gamers like whatever entertains them and will even stick to a single title for a long time or regularly play and uninstall games on a whim. The genre of play could vary greatly – they might be super into a hyper casual platformer today and into an MMO-RPG tomorrow.

However, casual gamers are the biggest downloaders and spenders in the mobile gaming industry – they are the reason mobile gaming is size it is today. On the train, between meetings, or a few minutes before bed, casual gamer could be playing anywhere and at any time. 

Social Gamer

No single-player titles for these guys and gals. Social gamers love to play with others and will only play multiplayer titles, such as classic card games like Gin Rummy Super. Social gamers tend to try and invite their friends to play too – they are social butterflies after all!

This market is utterly huge too, estimated to reach $98 billion USD by 2024, and many casual gamers are social gamers too.

Midcore Gamer

Midcore gamers are an interesting bunch. They don’t play as regularly as casual gamers, nor are they super dedicated to gaming, like hardcore gamers, but they take gaming seriously. Generally, the midcore gamer is a 25+ year-old whose time has succumbed to adult life. They don’t have the time to play like they used to. So they don’t play often but when they do, they really invest. Midcore gamers tend to know what they like too and will stick to their favourite titles or genres.

Hardcore Gamer

The hardcore gamer loves mobile gaming. This is the gamer who seeks AAA titles, has played all Rockstar’s GTA mobile ports and even bought a gaming controller for their mobile device. This is the gamer who updates their phone on a regular basis for better memory and increased screen sizes.

You’ll find these gamers are going to be avid PC or console gamers too. Always up to date with the latest trends and completely unafraid to provide an honest opinion on a particular title.

Which Gamer Are You?

Do you play Gin Rummy, Shooters, or RPGs? How often do you pay? Perhaps you are a little bit of all these categories and are some sort of new hybrid player! Whatever kind of gamer you are, Zarzilla has something to offer every gamer. Check out our amazing offerings on Google Play and the App Store today!

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