Zarzilla Presents: The Math of Gin Rummy Super
"Billions of combinations, yet sometimes you still gotta knock!"

Did you know there are a possible 15,820,024,220 possible ten-card hands in Gin Rummy Super? So don’t ever say “I’m not getting the right cards”. Since Gin Rummy Super is a game of chance mixed with skill, probability and odds can play a huge part in getting the winning hand.

You will be completely blown away by the astonishing mathematics of Gin Rummy Super. Whether you’re a math geek, or just love you some Gin – Zarzilla presents the Mathematics of Gin Rummy Super.

10 Melded Cards + 1 Un-melded Card = GIN!

Let’s start with some Gin irrefutable Gin Mathematics:

·      There are 52 three-card melds of three of a kind - - that is 3 Kings, 3 3’s, 3 Aces, etc…

·      There are 44 melds of suited three card sequences such as 5, 6, 7 or J, Q, K.

·      The changes of extending a three of a kind is twice as likely as the chances of extending a three-card sequence.

Remember that statistic of 15,820,024,220. Now consider that you actually receive 11 cards in Gin Rummy Super, 11 cards to get a Super Gin also. Well, there are actually 60,403,728,840 possible 11 card hands – imagine if we added a 12th!

In-Play Math


Let’s consider the very first play. The odds of your opponent throwing a card you can use is less likely than you think.

Check this out:

Opponent Discard Odds Probability

King or ACE 6 to 1 0.141

Queen or 2 5 to 1 0.171

All other cards 4 ½ to 1 0.182

How useable a card may be will surprise you too? What are the chances a wild discard would be used in 3 sequences and 3 sets – 31/2 to 1! That chances of a wild discard only being useful for a single set is a staggering 20 – 1. Gin Rummy Super certainly offers plenty of ways to build a winning hand.

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Got any more amazing Gin statistics or math? We’d love to hear it. Comment below! In the meantime, test your own strategies and mathematics out in Gin Rummy Super. Its free to download, free to play, and free to have as much fun as you like!

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