Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is 'hands down' one of the most popular variations of video poker! It requires quick thinking, cunning strategy and is sure to keep you entertained. Winning couldn’t be easier. All you need is a hand of a Jack...or better! How easy is that!?

Place your bet and draw 5 cards. Hold on to the best cards and discard the rest... The bigger you play, the higher the prize. Pay-outs can reach a monstrous 50 million chips with a ROYAL FLUSH!

Totally fun, totally addictive. Totally Zarzilla! Give it a go today. We know you’ll love it.

Gin Rummy Super

Gin might not be played in every glitzy establishment anymore but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Hollywood’s favourite game. Gin Rummy Super is a highly celebrated Vegas style card game that has taken the world by storm.

Gin Rummy Super is a ridiculously fun and colourful, casino styled version of the classic Gin Rummy game where two players compete to be the first to score 100 points! Match consecutive suits and sets of 3 to develop the best hand. But don’t forget to shout “Gin!” for an extra 25 bonus points! 

Gin Rummy Super is such a social game, where you can compete against friends or rank yourself against the rest of the world! Earn rewards, complete challenging levels and climb the global leaderboard in Gin Rummy Super!



Casinozilla is the ultimate casino experience featuring all the best Zarzilla games in one place! Is keno or bingo your game? Or perhaps you’re all about poker? No matter your favourite Zarzilla casino game, you’ll find it in Casinozilla. Amazing visuals and wonderful animations, Casinozilla will transport you to the casino floor.

We’ve already added BaccaratDeuces Wild, and Keep Going! to the collection but we won’t stop there! Watch out for War, Blackjack, and many more exciting casino games. Be sure not to miss this gem as we are constantly updating it with fresh and new casino games.

Stop On Red!

Classic retro style with a totally addictive concept. Stop on Red! harks back to the days when video games were nothing more than a pixel dancing across the screen.

This ridiculously fun game is all about speed and reflexes. The more times you stop on the red light, the faster the light will move. Will you be able to move at the speed of light!?

We’ll be bringing you more levels and unique concepts soon, so that the fun will never stop.

Deuces Wild

Featured within the ground-breaking Casinozilla, Deuces Wild is a thrilling and extremely popular variation of video poker that has become a staple of online casinos.

Like any game of poker, the objective is to build the best possible hand. But wait, there is a twist – All the 2s (Deuces) are “wild” cards. That means if you have a pair of kings and a deuce, you actually have “three of a kind”, because the deuce becomes a King. How wild is that!?

Deuces Wild features stunning visuals, seamless gameplay, and best of all – Big Pay-outs! Expect tons of fun and wild moments because this is a Zarzilla game after all.

Zarzilla Slots

Whether you’re stuck on the tube or playing at home, Zarzilla Slots gives you the feeling of playing a real casino slot machine in the palm of your hand!

Zarzilla Slots features the most engaging and gorgeous looking slot machines, varying from Neon Night to Hawaii, Wild West, Safari and more! No two slot machines are the same with each featuring a unique mini-game that’ll be sure to fill your pockets!!

Lady luck not on your side? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Grab a daily bonus or simply crack open the safe and a guaranteed prize will be there for the assist.

Black jack 21

One of the all-time greats of casino’s the world over, Zarzilla finally brings Black Jack to our favourite monsters.

Black Jack 21 pits players against the dealer in a battle to produce the perfect hand of 21 points. To win simply build a score higher than the dealer but don’t exceed 21 points or you’ll be BUST!

If you’re down on your luck, Zarzilla has your back. Spin the Lucky Wheel and we’ll help you out with some bonus coins. Get excited because Black Jack 21 is almost ready!


Based on a decades old Japanese game, President (Known at house parties as A**hole) is a social card game played by 3 or more players, who must race to get rid of all their cards.

The best part of the game is that the prestigious title you earn after each round follows you into the next round. Whether you are the President, the A**hole, or simply one of the vices... you must continuously battle to defend your honour! To give you that party game feeling, we’ve added silly emojis to share and send to your friends... or your rivals! We love how social President is and that means more fun and more moments for you to share.

Coming to a screen near you, we promise you’ll be having loads of multiplayer fun real soon!