Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is 'hands down' one of the most popular variations of video poker! Its need for quick thinking and strategy are sure to keep you entertained.To start winning, all you need is a hand of a Jack...or better! (We can't explain it any simpler than that!)You start with 5 cards. Place your bet, or discard the card. Hold on to the best and release the others...Payouts can reach 50 million chips with a ROYAL FLUSH! The bigger you play, the higher the prize Definitely fun, Definitely addictive. Definitely Zarzilla! Give it a try. You will love it.

Gin Rummy Super
We have come a long way from the time playing Gin on the block,
Check out our new arrival, the all time celebrated winning vegas style card game that took the world by storm.
Gin Rummy Super is a ridiculously fun and colorful casino style version of the classic Gin Rummy game which brings two players into a card game
where each player must reach 100 points before their opponent does!
Earn rewards, complete challenges and rank yourself against friends and others in Gin Rummy Super!
Black jack 21

The all time vegas casino card classic is finally coming to Zarzilla!
Blackjack21 is your chance to Try and beat the dealer with a perfect hand of cards with 21 points or reach a score higher than the dealer!Be careful not to become 'busted' if you exceed 21 points!
No luck? not to worry, just spin the will, and lady luck will come to your assist.Participate in upcoming tournaments and achieve mega wins!

Stop On Red!

Download The Game!

Very simple in design and concept, this game will bring you back when video games were literally just a dot moving around the screen.

Extremely addictive and fun. Dont need to say much more. We promise you will enjoy it. More levels and concepts coming soon!


Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is an extremely popular variation of video poker. The objective is to get the best possible poker hand, but with the twist that all deuces (2s) counts as "wild" cards. This means that when playing, if you have a pair of kings and a deuce, you will actually have 'three of a kind' Kings, with the deuce counting towards being a King. Hence 'Deuces Wild'. 

As in all of Zarzillas games, we have made sure that the graphics are beautiful, the gaming is seamless and the payouts are HIGH!

Enjoy every moment that you play.


The game President...(also known as A**hole) is a social game played by 3 or more players, who race to be the first to finish their cards.The best part of the game is that the title your receive in each round follows you to the next. Whether you are the President, the A**hole, or one of the vices... you must continuously defend your honor!To take the glee and fun to the new heights, we added silly emojis that can be shared or sent... and a great social element to the gameplay, meaning more fun, more experience sharing, more Zarzillization.


Casinozilla features all the best of Zarzilla games! Whether it is slot machines you are after or card games, Casinozilla is the place to be in!Looking for Jacks Or Better? Blackjack? What about Bingo or Keno?More fun and exciting games are planned for your pleasure such as Baccarat, Casino War,Mega Wheel and many many more!make sure not to miss this gem as we are constantly updating it with fresh and new casino games.

Ever wanted to feel the real thrill of being in a casino slot machine?
Slotszilla features amazingly beautiful fun and engaging slot machines varying from Neon Night to Hawaii, Wild West, Safari and more!
Each slot machine comes with a unique mini-game to keep your pockets full!
No luck? no worry, we got you covered, just spin the will and lady luck will be there to assist.