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We wake up with ONE GOAL

To make TODAY as fun as possible.

 We believe in polishing the wheel. Upgrade it.

Not reinvent it.

We like to think from inside the box

Our games are guarunteed to give you hours of enjoyment and entertainment!

Release the monster in you and PLAY to WIN!

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Who We Are

Zarzilla is a fun factory, specializing in Social & Mobile games. Our industry beating offerings combine insanely fun games with MONSTROUSLY cutting-edge technologies.
We strive to provide the best experience to our users. All day long we soak in the rays of sunshine and transfer our happiness into your pleasure.
Our mission is to connect players from around the world on our platforms, where they can play and enjoy. We institute social elements into ALL that we create, so that everyone can share with the world, their ideas, their triumphs and their blazing scores!


We LIVE for Entertainnment

The social element of our games is what turns the fun into delight. Share the experience with others.
The most enjoyable products are built by small teams in which every single member is passionate about what they do.
We create fun that will last for years. We build games that will LIVE on your homescreen
Sometimes you just need a break. Play for 10 minutes, play for an hour. We’re always there for your enjoyment.
Fresh news

I am a huge fan of video poker. The Zarzilla Jacks or Better is definitely the best version of the fame available on mobile!


 I love the emojis in the President Game. It adds a hilarious element to the game and makes it so much more social


Used to sit on the sidelines and watch my BF and his friends play poker for hours. I started playing Zarzilla Jacks or Better, which honed my skills. Now I beat them!


 OMG I love playing President! The game is so fun and Zarzilla did a great job with the game itself! Looking forward to more games from them!