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  • Please click on this link for specific instructions on how to remove games from your social networks and devices
    Your Zarzilla game data exists on our servers, and is independent of the client application (i.e. Facebook, Google) that you use in accessing the game.
    You can remove and replace the game without affecting your game progress at any time. We will save the data unless requested otherwise.

  • Requests and Notifications, as well as gifts from our applications, should only arrive from your friends on the various social networks. For removal instructions, please click this link (removal instructions).

  • If you no longer want Zarzilla to make active use of your information, you may send an e-mail to support@zarzilla.com Place "Delete My Account" in the subject line. Include your first name, last name, e-mail address and user ID (located in your game profile), in the body of the email.

  • Zarzilla uses cookies (please visit our privacy policy for more information), to provide a better user experience from session to session and as part of tracking and analysis. These cookies may be associated with other data we collect such as games you play, User ID, recent session and other similar information. 

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