Poker vs Gin Rummy – Are they really so different? – Gin Rummy Super & Casinozilla
“Play one game to improve your skills in the other”

Cricket players skip rope and box to improve their footwork and Rugby star play touch football to improve their agility – one can improve skills in a chosen game by playing a similar game that requires relatable skills. Why would the same not apply to card games? Stu Ungar was Gin Rummy master who turned those skills to Poker to become a world champion.

We’ve noticed that Poker and Gin Rummy are closer than anyone might realise. Here is why these two amazing games come from the same family and how playing one can improve your skills in the other.


General Rules

Honestly, the rules are not that different… Both games involve building the best hand from cards based on suits and values. Actually, most of the winning hands in poker are basically just sets and runs in Gin Rummy. If you know one of these games, chances are you’ll very quickly pick up the other with relative ease.

Strategic Similarities

While there are certainly many variations of poker that can differ significantly, the basic strategy behind the game is essentially the same. That strategy is not all too dissimilar from Gin Rummy either.

The probability of melding a suit is much the same as the probability of getting that suited King on the river in Texas Hold’em. Reading opponents and following the hands of the game are important to both Poker and Gin Rummy. Both games rely on the amount of information you can interpret from the state of the game.


Skill levels are a factor in both games. In both Poker and Gin Rummy, a complete amateur can defeat an expert player, simply because the cards were in their favour. At the same time skilful players can take the upper hand far more regularly and undo weaker players consistently. Both games are a mixture of skill and interpretation of the available information.


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