Playing Together – The Future of Gaming
"The lines between social media and gaming have become blurred, and it is very much a good thing".

It's one of largest sectors of growth in gaming, and the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 has only fuelled the need for social interaction. We are, of course, talking about social gaming. As more people are forced to stay inside, they must find other avenues to fulfil their desire for interactivity and personal connections.

Community Engagement

It isn’t enough to simply put out a game anymore. People want something more. Something that allows them to connect with their fellow players in a more meaningful way. People are playing games to join a community. They want to discuss strategies on Discord, join fan clubs on social media, meet new friends, and become a member of a group – a community!

It is important that games forge their own unique community, filled to the brim with fun, engaging, and social players who are ready for a good time!

Creative Communication

An email newsletter blast won’t cut it anymore. How many people actually pay attention to half of their news feed? Gaming communities interact differently than they once did and game developers need to take heed of this trend. Social gaming is not is fun and should promote innovative ways to engage a growing community.

Take KFC for example, KFC Philippines opened up a new branch in Animal Crossing last year – What a great way to promote fried chicken!

There are so many unique platforms for connectivity. Snapchat, Tik Tok, Zoom, YouTube, Twitch, and so many more. There is no excuse for not being creative in reaching your wonderful audience.

2021 – Year of the Zarzilla

The world seems to finally be on the mend this year and social gaming is on the rise. The lines between social media and gaming have become blurred, and it is very much a good thing. Come and join our community of casino card game and Gin Rummy players. We've got big things happening this summer and we can't wait for you all to enjoy!

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