Gin Rummy Super: Late Game Strategy – the Appraisal

By now you know how important it is to be aware of the current score in a game of Gin Rummy Super, as well as what your opponent may be holding. You should be always appraising your hand throughout the game but it is of most importance at the late stage of a round. Why you ask? Let us walk you through the late game appraisal and how to decide how to play those hands in the dying seconds of a round.


Conditions of the Appraisal

Firstly, you’ll obviously need to insect the condition of your own hand. This means considering what melds you have, can build, and what cards you’ll need for your strategy. Next, you’ll need to consider the state of the game. What is the score? What is the current value of your hand and will a knock right this second end the game for you? Finally, you’ll need to do your best to determine what condition your opponents’ hand is in too. Think about what cards they might hold and what they need.

How to Determine Your Opponent’s Hand

So, the condition of the game score and your own needs are easily available to you. However, determining your opponent’s hand requires a little more thought and observation. There are few things you need to look out for during the game to determine your opponent’s hand.

  • Think about what cards have been discarded. What has your opponent decided they don’t need. If they have thrown away a couple of 2s, they obviously aren’t building a set.
  • What has your opponent picked up? Think about the cards they have actually taken and not returned. It’ll give you insight to what they might be building.
  • If you can work out what these two factors, you’ll be able to form an understanding of what cards they need and what melds they most likely have.

 Attack or Defend?


Now that you have gathered as much information as possible, you can decide whether to play the late game aggressively or defensively. There is every change that this assessment doesn’t affect the way you are playing at all – you might be an aggressive player and the assessment suggests you should continue to play that way!

On the other hand, maybe you played defensively owning to a weak looking hand but the assessment points to a possible fast Gin and the big win. Remember to think how close your opponent is too knocking. You’ll most likely have to play defensively and reduce your score as quickly as possible to negate the blow to the score – or perhaps it’s the first round and you can risk going all out because the score doesn’t matter so much yet.

Play Some Gin Rummy Super Tonight?

Who’s up for a round of Gin Rummy Super!? Gin Rummy Super is so much fun and you can play anyone from around the world! Remember to appraise your hand throughout the game and be mindful of your opponent’s move – you could be screaming “GIN”! before you know it.

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