Social Card Games for an Enriched Life

More than just some of the oldest games in existence, card games have proven to be amazingly beneficial to our lives. Especially as we get older and the need to keep our minds sharp, social card games can ensure an enriched life. But how you may ask? Read on to see just a few of the astonishing ways social card games can enrich your life.

Promotes socialisation

Video games are not what they once were in the 1980s when coin-operated game machines offered nothing in social activity. Thousands of free to play games populate multiple gaming platforms that offer social gaming to a global audience. Some of the most social of all are card games. Great for all ages, easy to learn, with plenty of opportunities for social interaction.

Playing cards helps the conversation flow, you already have something in common in the cards in front of you. Friendly banter can develop, the conversation can steer to any avenue, and friendly competition is encouraged.

Work that brain

Many studies have been conducted and proven the immense cognitive benefits of playing card games such as Poker, Gin Rummy, or Blackjack. Using all the different parts of your brain each and every single day is so important for preventing degenerative functions such as memory loss or even dementia. You can improve memory and communicative skills just by learning the basic rules of a new card game.

Dealing with pressure? Card games will teach you to be cool under stressful situations and give you the tools to make informed decisions when the going gets tough. Need to learn to trust your judgement? Just play a few rounds of Gin Rummy. Take a breath before each move and watch as your educated decisions bear fruit! Problem-solving skills can be developed very quickly through intense analysis of the cards you are dealt and how best to make the perfect hand.

Reduce Stress

Relevant now more than ever in a world of lockdowns, work from homes, reduced hours, and isolation, stress can pose serious health implications and negatively impact both your physical and mental well-being.

Card games are quite a shift from some of the most popular mobile games on the market. Card games don’t let you feel rushed, they are not overly team-based with tremendous associated peer-pressure, and the stakes are low. You can take your time, play at your own pace, and stop whenever you like. There is also no pressure to actually engage socially with anyone. You can just pay quietly if you so choose.

It’s Time to Play!

There clearly is no better way to unwind, socially interact with friends and strangers alike, and engage in beneficial physical and mental health practices. So why not download a free card game like Gin Rummy Super and ease into the evening after a hard day’s work or study? 

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