Playing for Gin – Going For the Big Win!
How to convert that gin hand into a winning hand!

There is no better feeling in this fantastic card game than nailing that monster gin – better still a game changing Super Gin! The gin can come from nowhere sometimes in Gin Rummy Super by Zarzilla Games. Blink and you’ve suddenly melded all your cards. Other times you’ll need to work for it and a little strategy is needed. But far too often players have a gin within their grasp and fail to seal the deal.

Let’s discuss what is considered a gin hand and some strategy on converting it into a game winning GIN!

What’s a Gin?


OK, so for those who need a refresher – a gin is when you have 10 melded cards with one deadwood card. That means 10 cards are even in matching sets or runs, with one card that doesn’t fit into anything at all. A super gin is when all 11 cards are in melds!

When we refer to a “gin hand”, we mean a hand that is poised to be made into a winning gin – so either 9 melded cards or 7 melded cards where there are matching cards. If you were to have 9 melded cards, that would leave you with a 2 – 9 gin possibilities. The number of possibilities will typically be somewhere in the middle since the minimum and maximum possibilities are rare freak hands.

An example of a poorer 3/4-possibilty gin hand:

A♦, A♥, A♠, J♥, J♦, J♣, 9♥ 6♦, 6♥

There are only 3 cards that can gin this hand:

A♣, J♠, 6♠/6♣

An example of a 5-possibility gin hand may look like the following:

 7♦, 7♣, 7♥, A♣, 5♠, 4♠, 3♠, Q♥, J♥, 10♥

We have a matched set in this instance and two open-end runs which can be bolstered from either end. So the cards that could gin this hand are: K♥, 9♥, 7♠, 2♠, 6♠.

These are the sort of gin hands you will encounter most of the time playing Gin Rummy Super.

Have You Been Watching?

Of course throughout the game you have thrown cards away, and so has your opponent. Not only that but your opponent is holding 11 cards too. So while 5 unique cards may gin your hand, 5 cards may not be available. Your opponent may be holding some or perhaps several were thrown into the discard pile during the round.


This is why you need a good memory and to pay attention to where the cards are going. An expert player will be aware that their 5-possiblty hand is actually only a 2-possibilty because 3 cards have been thrown into the discard pile. 

Time to go Gin!

What’s the best and most exciting way to go Gin? Playing Gin Rummy Super by Zarzilla, of course! There is no more thrilling way to play against players from around the world. Want to play against friends instead – then you can do that too! Invite your friends and take them on in explosive rummy action.

Gin Rummy Super is free to download and free to play on iOS and Android devices. ~