Jacks or Better Full Release on January 8th!

To everyone who has downloaded and already enjoyed our game of Jacks or Better....on January 8th you will have the full version of the game for your enjoyment!

We thank all who downloaded and gave us their feedback.... We will continue to bring you great entertainment and amazing games!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!

Zarzilla Games wishes all its friends and fans a happy and healthy holiday season! 2019 is going to be epic! Share us with your friends! Give us a like where we need it most...

See you in 2019 with enough entertainment and adventure to keep you busy.

Get ready for the rollout of 'Megawheel'!

Zarzilla Megawheel, also know as the Big 6 wheel, or Big Wheel is a casino favorite the world over! The game is easy to play, quick, and very fun! The makeup of the game is a large wheel, with 52 subsections divided into numbers and other symbols, much like the game of roulette.. Bets are placed by the players, the vertically positioned wheel is spun. When the spin is completed and the wheel has stopped on a symbol, all losing bets are collected by the dealer and all winning bets are paid out. A new round will then begin again with players once again placing bets.

Zarzilla brings all this fun straight to your pocket! With great graphics, enormous payouts and awesome bonuses and extras, you are sure to enjoy this casino classic... right from your pocket.

Full Feature Beta Release of Jacks or Better!

Zarzilla Games is proud to announce that it has released it first full feature game, the popular title “Jacks or Better’, which also happens to be the most popular variant of video poker! As lovers of card games and casino favorites, we realized that some of the best games out there are not getting the treatment they deserve!

While there are 100's of variations of poker in the app stores, there is a big hole when it comes to games like Jacks or Better, as well as some of the other big casino games! This is where Zarzilla Games has decided to step in.


The Jacks or Better game is now available for download, and anyone who wants to give it a try, is more than welcome. Just follow the link in this article, and be sure to give us feedback! Many more games are expected to be released and we want YOU to be on the ground floor of each and every one of them!


We made sure to put in the best graphics, best interface, leading to a great UX (User experience). We pride ourselves on keeping it interesting, so each level has its own little toys, whether it may be larger wagers, ‘better’ cities, bigger payouts etc.

Become a part of our beta testing team! Join Zarzilla markets and receive bonus rewards when our games are released! The best thing is that you dont need to do anything… except try the beta version and let us know what you think!

Jacks or Better is on its way to launch!

After a few holdups, the release of Jacks or Better is almost upon us! Working on the game has been great enjoyment for the entire team and we hope that you will enjoy!

Check back soon for the download link and don't forget to share us with your friends!

Updating and animating 'Jack or Better'

Our developers have been working very hard to create the best game experience possible! We have reached the animation stage, where every popup and every screen has elements that should keep everygamer interested. The key to a good game is not only the game itself. Its the EXPERIENCE! Let us know if you have any ideas. We always love to hear from our users and fans! Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest Facebook. Just look for Zarzilla Games.


While brainstorming, our developers started sketching ideas for mini-games...those 5 minutes where you can break your concentration and just have a good time.

What can you do with a bird, some dots... and WILD imaginations??


Just wait and see what we did.

They may be small but they pack in tons of Zarzilla fun.

We stand WITH the dragon!

No matter where you come from in the world, virtually all societies, dating back thousands of years, have believed in mythical creatures called dragons!

With the high intelligence and ability to do magical fly or breathe fire...

At Zarzilla we incorporate the magic of dragons into everything we do. We like to think...what can make this MORE AMAZING?? and then we build.

We hope you enjoy all what Zarzilla has to offer! 



We believe in playing games!

When designing games, we put alot of though into how it will be enjoyed. Will having popups and ads every few turns lead to user ecstasy? NOPE!

We do offer to watch ads for chips, but we dont want to force you to fill your time with commercials. That is not why you are playing! 

With great pricing on chips, and many ways to win FREE chips, Zarzilla makes sure thta YOU are having fun whenever you cruise into our world!

Big Things Are Coming!

After four long months of strenuous thought, design and programming... Zarzilla Games is proud to announce that this November, Jacks or Better, our first mobile based game, will be making its appearance in the Apple and Google App Stores! The game has great design elements and turns this video poker favorite, into a great time for all!

We hope that stay updated on our progress and are sure you will be come a Zarzillard!