Advanced Strategy Guide: Mid-Late Game Knocking
"When in Doubt...Knock"

Yes, there is an old adage in the game of Gin – “When in doubt knock”. Most players feel this way, unless they are a particularly aggressive player. In early stages, knock is a very advantageous strategy and it is advised to go for the early knock, if it is safe to do so. However, knocking later in the game is risky, but sometimes it has to be done. Let’s dig a little deeper into mid-late game knocking at the strategy involved.

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Why Knock?

So why would you knock so late in the game? One of the most common reasons is that your hand is just dead – plain and simple. You’ve realised the cards you need to complete a meld has been discarded or your opponent likely holds it. If you continue picking up cards and throwing them back, you increase the chances of your opponent getting a Gin. So, in this case, the knock is kind of like a fold in poker. You know you’re probably going to lose but a Gin might lose the game for you when an undercut will give you another shot.

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How to Knock

When you’re playing for that late knock, it’s important to remember that a three-card combination has four unique ways of being filled – but add a fourth card to this combination and you get 8 options! Sometimes it is even worth discarding a card from a four-card meld to give yourself more combinations.

Go for Gin!

This strategy can be a bit confusing and honestly, we recommend going for Gin every time. Why? It’s so much more exciting, fun, and you are working towards a SUPER GIN. And isn’t that why we are really playing anyway. Sometimes it is simply more fun to take the loss and work on nailing a gin in the next round.

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